Friday, 17 March 2017 23:38

Kong: Skull Island Review

In a cinematic landscape where iconic characters and beloved stories are boiled down to properties that can be milked for every ounce of franchise potential, it’s no surprise to see King Kong resurrected. The giant ape has been a big screen icon since his big screen bow in 1933 and now he’s back and definitely bigger than ever - if not exactly better – in Kong: Skull Island. Though the film manages to capture the scale and presence of an impressively rendered Kong, it fails to bring anything new to the table and leaves its heavyweight cast with very little to do.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 22:34

The Drop Review

Adapted from Dennis Lehane's short story – by the author himself – The Drop is a familiar tale of low-level criminals and one guy with a heart of gold who just wants to stay out of trouble. There's nothing groundbreaking about the gloomy Brooklyn setting and the wise guys who inhabit it, but with a stellar cast and suitably moody direction from Belgian helmer Michael R. Roskam, this is a surprisingly absorbing, character-driven drama.

Sunday, 02 December 2012 20:46

Silver Linings Playbook Review

Director David O. Russell throws us right back into the dysfunctional family territory of his previous work with Silver Linings Playbook, a funny, warm-hearted crowd pleaser. The family this time around are the Solitanos and while they might not be as quirky as the Coplins from Flirting With Disaster or as rough around the edges as the Ward clan from The Fighter, they’re not without their problems.