Friday, 17 March 2017 23:38

Kong: Skull Island Review

In a cinematic landscape where iconic characters and beloved stories are boiled down to properties that can be milked for every ounce of franchise potential, it’s no surprise to see King Kong resurrected. The giant ape has been a big screen icon since his big screen bow in 1933 and now he’s back and definitely bigger than ever - if not exactly better – in Kong: Skull Island. Though the film manages to capture the scale and presence of an impressively rendered Kong, it fails to bring anything new to the table and leaves its heavyweight cast with very little to do.

Thursday, 24 March 2016 23:18

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut 10 Cloverfield Lane began life as a psychological thriller called The Cellar before being repurposed by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production company and Whiplash writer/director Damien Chazelle as a ‘blood relative’ to Matt Reeves’ 2008 alien monster movie Cloverfield. It’s because of the tenuous links to Cloverfield that this promising film is ultimately only two thirds of a great movie.

Saturday, 22 February 2014 12:28

The Monuments Men Review

In The Monuments Men, George Clooney leads an elite team in a quest to save the most prized art in Europe, is this a masterpiece or was the script scribbled in crayon?

Saturday, 01 February 2014 21:42

Inside Llewyn Davis Review

After another foray into remake territory with True Grit, Joel and Ethan Coen are back on more familiar territory with Inside Llewyn Davis, another tale of a perennial loser and his attempts to improve his lot in life. The loser in question this time around is the titular Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), a singer on the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 21:51

The Hangover Part III Review

Despite making bizarrely huge box office returns, the reaction to The Hangover Part II was deservedly lukewarm considering it was a lame rehash of the first film but distinctly less likeable. Well, director Todd Phillips obviously heard the criticism and his response is The Hangover Part III, a film which not only is a departure from the template of the first two movies, it's pretty much a departure from comedy in general.

Saturday, 02 February 2013 00:00

Flight Review

After over a decade in the motion-capture doldrums, director Robert Zemeckis has returned to live action filmmaking with Flight, one of the most conventional films of his career but also one of the best, anchored by a towering central performance by Denzel Washington, himself turning in his best work in a long time.

Sunday, 18 November 2012 15:21

Argo Review

After establishing himself as a formidable talent behind the camera with his two Boston-set crime dramas Gone Baby Gone and The Town, Ben Affleck's third feature as director sees him step out of that comfort zone and broaden his scope considerably. Leaving Boston behind, Argo is an intelligent and gripping political thriller that juggles a large ensemble spread across the CIA, Hollywood and Iran.

Thursday, 09 August 2012 21:37

Trouble With the Curve Trailer

Dubbed 'Gran Torino meets Moneyball', Clint Eastwood stars as an ageing baseball scout being pushed out the game by new fangled technology while reconnecting with his daughter (Amy Adams) and the guy trying to win her heart (Justin Timberlake). Though Eastwood isn't directing - instead handing the camera to his long time second unit director Robert Lorenz - this is sure to be a favourite come awards season with nods for Oscar favourites Eastwood and Adams looking a real possibility.

Thursday, 10 May 2012 19:01

Argo Trailer

Director Ben Affleck's follow up to 2010 hit The Town features actor Ben Affleck in a "true" tale of the CIA's plan to extricate six Americans embroiled in the Iranian revolution.

Monday, 05 December 2011 18:13

The Artist Review

It takes a brave and skilled individual to successfully pull off a black and white, silent film in 2011 but director Michel Hazanavicius has done it with aplomb. A household name in France due to the spy caper series OSS 117, Hazanavicius has reteamed with the star of those films Jean Dujardin to create this playful, charming film.