Friday, 24 March 2017 00:14

Get Out Review

Films about racism hew closely to the same template so often that when something as fresh as Jordan Peele’s Get Out comes along, it’s all the more effective. Instead of the usual worthy period piece that depicts black characters overcoming prejudice, Peele tackles the subject through a whip-smart and wickedly funny horror. Crucially, it’s also set in the here and now, not in a shameful bygone era that some might like to think we’ve moved past; this is the contemporary black experience and all of the anxieties that entails.

Thursday, 31 October 2013 22:26

Enough Said Review

Perhaps the biggest talking point of writer/director Nicole Holofcener's Enough Said is that it marks the penultimate release of James Gandolfini's career, cut short by his untimely death in June of this year. Gandolfini has always shown an underlying sweetness in even the most outwardly violent of his turns – including his signature role, Tony Soprano – and it's a delight to see him playing a regular guy here. Sweet, funny and sharing a loveable chemistry with co-star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it's a fond farewell to a gifted actor.

After months of speculation and prognostication, the 2013 awards race is already a distant memory. So with this year's awards season behind us, what better time than now to have a premature look at the race for next year's Oscars?