Friday, 24 March 2017 00:14

Get Out Review

Films about racism hew closely to the same template so often that when something as fresh as Jordan Peele’s Get Out comes along, it’s all the more effective. Instead of the usual worthy period piece that depicts black characters overcoming prejudice, Peele tackles the subject through a whip-smart and wickedly funny horror. Crucially, it’s also set in the here and now, not in a shameful bygone era that some might like to think we’ve moved past; this is the contemporary black experience and all of the anxieties that entails.

Thursday, 01 September 2016 22:20

The Purge: Election Year Review

The idea at the centre of The Purge series – that all crime, including murder is legal for 12 hours every year – is one so rich with possibilities that each film just ends up being a let-down. The series has set out its stall as a violent one filled with pop horror imagery that is more concerned with the chaos and bloodshed of Purge Night than any of the sociological debates around it. That’s not to say the films aren’t enjoyable; they are generally fine and the latest entry, the politically themed The Purge: Election Year, is the best of the bunch so far, but they could be so much more.